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Comer Construction​ Services

Our Blog:

Life On Site.

24th March 2021

We installed OSB3 sheets (9mm) on top of the joists, installed 130mm of insulation on top of that, more OSB3 on top of that and then the firring pieces to give the fall away from the house. The joists were installed with a fall from right to left too. On top of the firrings is the last layer of OSB3 and this will be covered with EPDM rubber roofing on a day when it is not raining!

NB: We prefer to fit 3 layers of OSB to prevent compression of the insulation into the joists and of the firrings inrto the top of the insulation. The roof could potentially have a covering of snow which adds quite a weight. The insulation can stand weight well as long as the weight is distributed evenly, any point loading and it is likely to compress, the OSB prevents this.

There's a big hole in the roof

Roof joists are in place with the opening for the lantern. Doubled up 7x2s with a flitch beam consisting of 3 7x2s with 2 steel plates between, bolted together.


So the outer skin of the walls went up along with the steel beam and lintel. Next stage is the roof joists.

Latest from the blog - 24th February

So after the snow and freezing temperatures, came the rain. Life on site went a bit quiet but we are back and the walls are going up.

Delays with the steel beam that sits over the b-fold doors means this week has been frustratingly far less productive than it shoudl have been. The beam is due to be delivered today and we should get the walls up to plate and be staring on the roof by the end of the week. Fingers crossed.

Our Latest Blog Entry

12th February 2021

So we have been busy working on a Wimpey No Fines house since before Christmas. It's a first for us and has taken a different way of thinking. We marked our cut lines across the building and drilled about 100 holes along the line to give as a guide for breaking out. As the house is Wimpey No Fines, the walls are concrete but with no 'fines' so, no small aggregate and no sand in the concrete. As such we wanted to get a good line across to break up to, hence the drilling. We then spent a few days breaking out the concrete under the line (having supported the wall above with Acrows first!). The picture to the left is after we installed the huge 254mm beam with a 300mm plate welded to the top and the 204mm posts. Freezing temperature have put a stop to block laying but hopefully next week will bring higher temperatures and we can get the walls up!